Your Awareness of a Bully:
Don't Let Your Guard Down

You never know how and when a bully may strike. Any time you are dealing with a bully, you are exposing yourself to an attack. And if you work closely with a bully and don't allow him to control you, an attack is imminent.

Remember his ruthless ambition and never let your guard down, particularly when he goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable and secure. Remember that a bully will typically charm you before he manipulates you.

Five Techniques for Keeping Your Guard Up Around a Bully
1. Remember the danger of giving in to a bully - A bully will test to see whether you are a good target

- If you give in even once, you will encourage repeat bullying

- When successful, bullying always escalates
2. Don't be sidetracked by a bully's words - Remember actions and intentions matter more

- Don't accept his explanations and rationalizations
3. Prepare a shield and defense mechanism for when bully attacks - Expect to be attacked

- When you fight back, expect a vicious counterattack

- Be ready with your defense
4. Remember that being bullied is a two-way interaction - You can't be bullied if you refuse to participate

- You can refuse to play by the rules set by a bully

- If you don't play along, then you will merely witness a failed attempt to bully you
5. Think clearly - Don't be blinded by a bully's over-complications

- Don't over-analyze the situation

- Remember that bullies create and thrive on confusion

- Assume the simplest answer: the bully is manipulating you to further his own ends, to increase his power, prestige and income