Useless Human Resources Department

Most human resources ("HR") directors are
incompetent in dealing with bullies.

HR Director is bullied
An HR Director is subject to the same bullying as you, and an effective bully in top management can control the attitude and actions of an HR Director to the point where the HR Director completely fails to fulfill his responsibilities in dealing with a workplace bully.
HR Director lacks courage
Incompetent HR Directors usually take the path of least resistance in dealing with the situation, which means siding with a bully and attacking the victim (after all, victims are weaker and unable to defend themselves). An HR Director may even fear for his own job when a bully is on the rampage.
HR Director lacks expertise
Alternatively, an HR Director may lack expertise in dealing with bullies, or with complaints from the targets of bullying. Without specific training in workplace bullying, an HR Director may be confused by the situation, misled by a bully's charms, or intimidated by a bully's tactics. The HR Director may also honor a bully's leadership in the company above all else.
Fifteen Signs of an Evil
or Incompetent HR Director
1. Doesn't effectively respond to bullying incidents

2. Doesn't treat complaints as valid and important

3. Criticizes the complainer for not fitting in

4. Requests the complainer to change to accommodate a bully

5. Doesn't confront a bully

6. Automatically supports a bully

7. Ignores the intentional pain that the bully inflicts on others

8. Ignores the demeaning nature of a bully's behavior

9. Doesn't consider the underlying cause of bullying

10. Doesn't investigate similar bullying reported by others

11. Labels bullying as "ordinary personality conflict"

12. Explains bully's vicious behavior as "mood swings"

13. Treats problem as caused equally by bully and complainer

14. Doesn't follow through on request for bully to modify behavior

15. Primary goal is to pacify the complainer, not change a bully