Visible Trait #10:
A Bully is Vengeful

A bully is charming until you defy him,
then he retaliates with a vengeance.

A bully attacks you behind your back
- He discredits your performance

- He bad-mouths you in private

- He spreads rumors about you
If you quit, a bully suggests
you were forced out due to incompetence
- If it's obvious you quit, he suggests you couldn't handle the job

- He suggests you don't have a good work ethic

- He says you couldn't get along with others

- He says you lacked the necessary skills
If a bully sees you becoming disenchanted,
he begins to discredit you
- He begins to discredit you long before you quit

- He wants to pre-empts your intention to quit

- He builds a case that will lead to your firing

- He makes sure everyone knows that you are failing

- He starts suggesting that you should be fired
A bully reduces your role in the department
- He takes away important assignments without giving you new ones

- He gives you meaningless assignments

- He stops giving you face-to-face time with him

- He assigns you a new boss who is less experienced than you
A bully sets you up for failure
- He changes the rules mid-stream

- He gives you excessive work

- He gives you tasks well beyond your capabilities

- He overloads you with time-critical work

- He gives you assignments with conflicting deadlines

- He doesn't clearly communicate expectations to you

- He isn't available at critical review points

- He won't provide the resources that would help you succeed

- He refuses to consider your requests for more time
A bully makes your failure
obvious to upper management
- He falsely tells management that you have clear performance objectives

- He tells management that you are on probation

- He tells management that your latest project is a test case